Service centres and a new mental evolution.

Ever walk into an official laptop, mobile or any electronic service centres these days?
If you do/did; ever bothered to know whats happens behind the “authorized personnel only” rooms? No?

Well today its a parts replacement centre. Nothing more!
You bring in your product, they find the fault and simply replace. Oh yes the bill follows if your not covered under warranty. 😛

The actual use of a service centre existed in the good olden days when faulty components were actually repaired unlike the replacement trend of today.

Why the trend? Its actually cheaper for the company that sells the product. They spend less time fixing, keep customers happy and saves a hell a lot of time on both ends.

But these old guys, where actual service takes place, still exists. They are not official and sometimes off the books but get the job done very fast and with a huge decrease in budget if your product is out of warranty.

And none the less a new mentality for us humans which we feed to a generation that follows us.
Break; replace. Forget fixing 😉