Not yet discovered

Why am I here?
What did I do
To deserve all of this?

Why did you leave?
When I remained
Awed and stoned.

I hoped you’d return
and you travel
farther away.

I lay in oblivion
Lying like a lion
Waiting for its prey

Your presence  of
An undying spirit
Stalks me.

Memory carved in heart 
Grows like venom
From snake bites.

Time flies
Pain dries
And ill find a cure
In time
In you.



Save your soul
a beautiful rose
Save your smile
of never ending joy.

The glory you earned
lives till you die.
A memory carved in stones
forgotten from hearts.

Renewable wealth
for a limited life.
An unfinished life
for it ain’t worthwhile.

Android Logos

These were logos i had created during my pastime when the Motorola Page on Facebook were asking people to modify the android logo to something cool

Rainbow Droid

Pirate Droid

Joker Droid (Why so Serious?)

Jedi Droid


Envirno Droid



Creative Commons License
Android Logos by bull500 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


A very raw and crude form of thought. An intuition it may work. A fear it may fail. its something that defines you. You break it, you break you. You make it, you possibly change the scenario for you and the rest.

Everybody has an idea, you dont need to be gifted to get one. It just takes some thinking and logic. The biggest changes in life have been due to simple ideas. The simplicity, clarity and precision defines it. The route to this is complex, which on breaking down simplifies and finally simple.

A dream as a form of idea will be much powerful as you experience it through your senses that just plain logical reasoning. Lucid Dreaming has been a powerful technique to carry your thoughts and senses forward as the dreamer is in control of the state of dream activity.

An idle mind is a devil’s wokrshop – famous quote…work on it and you could change the devil’s thoughts. A calm and peaceful state with minimum amount of disturbances and resources just fuels your harder to push forward, because you have nothing left :).

Anger – another way…quench the anger in your idea. Try doing something when your furious and you’ll notice that you work with a much faster pace than normal because your trying to get something off your head. (Inspiration? Mark Zuckerburg(facebook), Sean Parker(Napster) – broken hearts)

Be quick! Got something, even if stupid? Work on It. You could erase out the stupidity with by thinking, logic and reasoning.Don’t waste time lagging because in a way its a form of giving up hope on oneself. And if its taken then innovate. Innovation never ends. Its what keeps you in the lead.

An idea from scratch or an idea to innovate – it defines you.