Souls On The Road To Awe

Somethings got to heal
But there’s no time left to leave
All that’s there washed up
At the shores of our minds

What remains are lost hopes
Cuts, scars and wounds that sound
Across the barriers of the soul

Before we die alone
Would we have vengeance?
Crooked we are
Crooked ways are ours
Rip minds in multitudes
Standing up posing strong
Though broken on the inside
Their best acts bleed

Smiles armed
Glint in their eyes
Happily they bury
Without a worry
Words were their weapons
No Canon ball would even dare set in
Peaceful as morning dawns are
They never went off guard

For victory they desire
By fracture of the others soul
What was once hand in hand and forever
Turned isolate and finite.

Insane is a broken mind
Locked in the crave of desires
And so the soul needs to reside
The transition would hurt less
From flesh to ash
For Death Is The Road To Awe.

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The right world

The night is cold
And all is still
Winds sweep street
tears flow like rivers

Agony unsettled
Revenge unfulfilled
Tearing the mind apart
Like the rumbling earth

You long for heaven
But live through hell
Pleas for mercy
Remain unheard

Long you suffer
As luxury befriends foes
Poverty strikes
Your meals of the night

Tired of life 
Death you desire
But the lord kills
Your every attempt to suicide

Cruel is the world
Filled with cruel minds
Makes you wonder
Whether God or Satan is right

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The right world by bull500 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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If I get to look into your eyes again
Just wait, I’m not gonna make this late
Not wanting to start a debate
Just hear me through
“Bullshit its inaudible and visual?”
No its lyrical, now what was I going to say

I don’t mind the stares behind the trees
There are hundred’s out there for me
I don’t know if fate plays so carelessly
But I’ve stepped my steps carefully.
Next time fill those hi’s in a bag
So that I can take em to the trash.
If you think its a hole I care
Then I’ve put poles everywhere
Attitudes a bitch
Trying to act King Pin
You’ll never get this straight
Coz of the limits you make
Based on memorable remains.

I see signboards saying games over mate
And I have no remorse or hate
Maybe you have a better fate.
But if you were to fall
Don’t worry ill be there to break the drop
“Oh so kind?” No miss I’m still the same prick.
Without a new trick.

And then you’re gone
Alone? That remains unknown
Happy? I dont really bother on
Then why this song?
Coz this is how things will carry on,
Move along, until the dawn, till we fall.
Make the damn call

Make me go crazy
Till I drop dead all hazy
But know that now I’m indestructible
Try put me down, watch me sky-rocket to cloud nine.
Nothing’s gonna change now on
That time’s come and gone.

Chance is once in a lifetime
Got a double take the trouble
Or end up in rubble.
Don’t try to change a person
Its far worse than treason
Even if its for the best reason
Let them be, what they’re meant to be
Coz in the end its to be or not to be.

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Indestructible by bull500 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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A quick update

I’ve been busily working away on a new poem. Wouldn’t call it a complete poem as its highly influenced by rap. Rap is a highly advanced form of poetry. Ive spent more than 2 weeks just getting everything right. 6 stanzas so far and I wish to wrap it up with that.
I won’t make you all wait. Coming soon.

One last chance

So here we have,
One last chance,
To set things right,
Or just just wash away with the tide.

This is gonna be suicide
Coz we bring out what’s in our minds.
Nothing’s more powerful
Than to quit this fight.

So just set our minds,
And bring out what we find;
A head full of questions
Or a heart of emotions?

Ok bring both
And lets see what happens
When we meet
Just like it started;
Our own world, our own planet,
Nobody else influences our habits.
Tactics screw em, we never had them.
When everything was selfless, and we were just two little strangers.     

Never Have/Had

We’ve Had
good times together.
We never had
good times in life.

All my life
I lie beneath your cover.
Now its time
that you need mine.

Your love flows
like a river.
You’re my hope
when i quivered.

I thought of this day
a day, a moment.
When I have to
be a memento.
A memento of time.

Away From You

Can you let me go
away from you?
Can you let you
away from you?
I don’t want to go
away from you.

This desperation acts
from within me.
I’m going mad
because of you.
Why do you want to go
away from me?

This ain’t an act
what you see.
I want you back
alongside me.

*Might expand if time allows