Emoji On Fedora Linux


Since the advent of smartphones Emoji’s have had a rapid increase in its use all over the internet.
When viewed from our mobiles devices they look cute & perfect, but most of us have noticed characters that have been replaced by boxes with numbers in it while using our desktop PC’s or laptop’s.

Its due to the lack of a font support, which causes this issue to occur.
But Fear NOT!
Fedora Linux has you covered. And in 2 great ways!😀
The first great way would be to install the Gdouros Symbola package:
Via Terminal:
su -c "yum install gdouros-symbola-fonts"


You could install the Google Android Emoji Fonts package:
Via Terminal:
su -c "yum install google-android-emoji-fonts"

You can check out the extensive list of Emojis supported by the above fonts here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoji

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