Artist Spotlight on Christopher Cushman

For star wars and the millennium falcon fans!

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When I first started my Millennium Falcon collection, one of the first things I bought was an awesome cutaway post of the Millennium Falcon (which i later found out was by technical illustrator; Christopher Cushman). Three years later, it still remains one of my favourite collectibles.


Christopher got in touch with me the other day and sent me a file of the original line drawing that is used in the Haynes Manual.

Millenium Falcon


He said that he’d be open to answer any questions that I might have so I thought I’d do an interview for my blog.

“You’ll be the first interview I’ve ever carried out so please forgive me if my questions come across as ignorant or dumb.

Gosh no these are good questions.

Thanks. How long have you been a professional artist.

A professional artist since 1979 or 34 years, but I’ve always been artistically inclined.

What are you working on at…

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