Souls On The Road To Awe

Somethings got to heal
But there’s no time left to leave
All that’s there washed up
At the shores of our minds

What remains are lost hopes
Cuts, scars and wounds that sound
Across the barriers of the soul

Before we die alone
Would we have vengeance?
Crooked we are
Crooked ways are ours
Rip minds in multitudes
Standing up posing strong
Though broken on the inside
Their best acts bleed

Smiles armed
Glint in their eyes
Happily they bury
Without a worry
Words were their weapons
No Canon ball would even dare set in
Peaceful as morning dawns are
They never went off guard

For victory they desire
By fracture of the others soul
What was once hand in hand and forever
Turned isolate and finite.

Insane is a broken mind
Locked in the crave of desires
And so the soul needs to reside
The transition would hurt less
From flesh to ash
For Death Is The Road To Awe.

Creative Commons License
Souls On The Road To Awe by bull500 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


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Sailor of the web. A poet in my own ways. A technology, Open Source and Linux enthusiast!

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