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Last weekend, I took an evening and headed down to the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, along the coast of Texas. It’s a haven for birds, mosquitoes, and alligators.  I’ve also seen deer, feral pigs, snakes small and large, butterflies, wildflowers… It’s not exactly untouched nature, but it is a haven for critters that don’t do well in suburbia.

Around sunset, I climbed up on a viewing platform above a pond, to escape some of the mosquitoes and to watch the sun go down.  This alligator was lurking near the platform, so from time to time I’d snap a shot of him.  Frankly, most of them were lousy.  I don’t own a telephoto lens, and he’d always sink under the water if I got close enough to use my short little lens. But as time passed, I was able to edge a bit closer, and he got a bit less…

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