If I get to look into your eyes again
Just wait, I’m not gonna make this late
Not wanting to start a debate
Just hear me through
“Bullshit its inaudible and visual?”
No its lyrical, now what was I going to say

I don’t mind the stares behind the trees
There are hundred’s out there for me
I don’t know if fate plays so carelessly
But I’ve stepped my steps carefully.
Next time fill those hi’s in a bag
So that I can take em to the trash.
If you think its a hole I care
Then I’ve put poles everywhere
Attitudes a bitch
Trying to act King Pin
You’ll never get this straight
Coz of the limits you make
Based on memorable remains.

I see signboards saying games over mate
And I have no remorse or hate
Maybe you have a better fate.
But if you were to fall
Don’t worry ill be there to break the drop
“Oh so kind?” No miss I’m still the same prick.
Without a new trick.

And then you’re gone
Alone? That remains unknown
Happy? I dont really bother on
Then why this song?
Coz this is how things will carry on,
Move along, until the dawn, till we fall.
Make the damn call

Make me go crazy
Till I drop dead all hazy
But know that now I’m indestructible
Try put me down, watch me sky-rocket to cloud nine.
Nothing’s gonna change now on
That time’s come and gone.

Chance is once in a lifetime
Got a double take the trouble
Or end up in rubble.
Don’t try to change a person
Its far worse than treason
Even if its for the best reason
Let them be, what they’re meant to be
Coz in the end its to be or not to be.

Creative Commons License
Indestructible by bull500 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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