Linux Must Have Application

fav’s are with *

Music & Video:
The popular media player for windows mac is also available for Linux. Many Distro’s don’t include it by default due to licensing issues. This is one rock solid player and can play almost any formats here on the planet! Download should mostly be done via RPM Fusion(fedora etc.)

A Open Source Music Visualization application which is inspired from the Milk-Drop project mainly used for WinAMP. Hundreds of random and beautiful, crisp clear visuals make music listening a Visual Treat

Another Multi-format player in the Linux world. Works best with Command Line and the GUI too. Its mostly based off the Gstreamer Codec’s Library.

I havent tried this one out yet but have heard a good no. of reviews for it. Heard its got great support for iPod’s and is a versatile music library manager.

A standard and default Music App that comes preloaded with many popular Distro’s. Its got great potential as a music library manager and iPod support etc. Depends on installation of extra codecs to get it working with MP3’s etc. but that hardly takes a minute 😉

This is a really powerful tool for sound editing. Might take a bit of time to learn but definitely worth the effort. You can easily make Ringtones, Sound Effects etc.

Open Source DJ Software. Supports a variety of turntables –

Its the best iTunes like alternative for Linux, Windows & Mac. The best part is that it doubles as a browser. Hit Ctrl+T and start browsing within the player. Also contains video support too just like any other media player. Firefox extensions also work with Nightingale!

IM’s (Instant Messenger)
Pidgin *-Support many accounts such as Msn,yahoo,gmail,IRC even facebook etc(loads to list). Voice chat –
Empathy-Supports Voice Chat in gmail. Also supports different accounts like pidgin. –
Kopete-Similar to pidgin –
Ekiga – VoIP –

Transmission Torrent Client
Deluge Bit torrent Client *-

Blender *- 3d modelling, animation, rendering and Game Creation software. –
GIMP *- Your all in one image editing software. Similar to Photoshop. –
Inkscape *- SVG Graphics editor. –

Desktop Enhancement:
Compiz Fusion *: Amazing desktop effects using OpenGL. 😀 –
Cairo Dock *- Your own Mac OSX like dock in LINUX 😀 –




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