Addictive Soundtracks

Why So Serious
From Christopher Nolan’s “The. Dark Knight” Hans Zimmer & James Howard Newton’s spectacular composition. A blend of screeching cellos, tapping pencils bringing out the chaos and underlying creativity and power of massive 9 mins.

A combination from, yet again, Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” and Hans Zimmer. It brings out unexplainable emotions of human nature into a very smooth beautiful yet highly powerful track.

Lux Aeterna
One of the most addictive movie soundtrack like the addiction it depicts in “Requiem for a dream” by Darren Aronofsky. A must watch movie. Composed originally by Clint Mansell it has been adapted in many films as well as music clubs around the world. The most popular remix being “Aeternal” by Paul Oakenfold.

The Social Network
It’s hard to pick out a particular track from this film because all were impressive. The one I liked the most was during Sean-a-Thon.

This was featured in Disney’s Tron : Legacy and was made by Daft Punk. Highly Electronic, Trance get you grooving quickly.

From the Film Resident Evil: Afterlife by Paul W. S. Anderson. It plays during the Intro of the movie. Though the movie wasnt that good(for me :P), the direction and the track made up for the entire thing when “Tokyo” was playing. 3D Effects were awesome too especially the rains and all the water. The Score is composed by tomandandy. No its not a typo error. They preferred to be know that way.

Mission Impossible(Theme)
This epic masterpiece composed by Adam Clayton(U2) ruled the cinemas, mobile phones, and even most of the ads on the tube.

No. 7 on the OST of Transformers. I think this deserves up to No.2? What Say? Composed by Steve Jablonsky. Its got that heavy “yo” punch!

Song To The Siren
A very beautiful Love Song from the Soundtrack of Candy staring Heath Ledger and Abbie Corniche. Its an Australian film which got Numerous awards and also got our beloved Heath his ticket to Hollywood. It is a beautiful song written by Tim Buckley. Existed in two version – one sung by Paula Arundell and the other by Tim Buckley himself.

Thirteen – Danzig
From the Soundtrack of The Hangover. (WHAT? Hangover? whats it doin here?-you say). Had it put this in. It plays during the intro of the movie and the epic part is during the Fountain Scene.

As I hear and watch I’ll update this space more.
I’ve edited the setting of Comments so that anybody and everybody can speak their mind out without giving any personal details. 🙂


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